Lynnette and Michael are two humans you can’t do anything but like and we had a lovely morning together in Old town, Stockholm.

They had their first visit to Stockholm, they otherwise live in New York City, and wanted this moment captured forever. That sounded like a dream in my ears. Because our memories are so important and with someone else taking to photos both of you can be in the now. Win!

So we had our shoot in sunrise, before everyone in Old town wakes up and it was so romantic wandering the empty streets with a couple in love. And Old town is such a beautiful place, even more beautiful empty, but honestly we could have shot anywhere. Lynnette and Michael’s love and laughter would make beautiful photos in a dump. So in this case, Old town was only a bonus.

Thank you Lynnette & Michael for letting me be a part of your trip and your love for a short while. It was beautiful.


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