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Meet Rebecca

Nice to meet you,

I am so happy that you are here!  My name is Rebecca, but I actually like to be called Becca.

I love to travel around the world and meeting amazing people. My purpose in life is to make people understand their own value, to make them feel beautiful and loved. And I want to feel that I have really lived and created something meaningful with my life. And I would love to hear your life stories.

For me it is a honor to spend time with

people who are  F R E E   S P I R I T E D  &  H O N E S T

people who love  E A C H   O T H E R  &   W I N D  I N  T H E  H A I R

people who get married in a  I N T I M A T E   &   U N I Q U E  way

(PS, I love elopements!)

Alive is a word that always strikes a chord with me and I try not to do things without knowing why I do them. I like to question the status quo. I am fighting for everyone’s equal value.

I love true emotions, to see the beauty in the world and real intimacy. And I believe that you always should follow your dreams. Without dreaming, you would never had read this about me text.

I love to see the sun shine through
the window in the morning
Love materials like
wood and lace
Plants, I love them. But unfortunately
they does not love me..
Music is my language and I
sing as often as I can
Happiness is to travel and to see the world
I love the way he always makes me smile.
I am a real speedway geek
Love to sit with a cup of hot
chocolate, or tea, with a really good book
This make me
laugh every time!!!
I love the ocean
I have so many cardigans.
Love them
I love the beautiful little
details in life