Elin and I got familiar with each other thru Instagram (who knew that social media actually works in a social way sometimes 😉 ) and I noticed right away what a sweetheart she is. So when she ask if I could photograph her and her great love, it was a yes straight away. With some egoistic intentions of course, because I really wanted to meet her in real life.

And it was such a beautiful shoot! Both Elin and Henrik are so kind and we had a lovely evening together. It was a perfect autumn day. Red and yellow everywhere, the leaves falling of like snow from the trees, it was completely silence and it felt like we were all alone. Or more, it felt like it was just Henrik and Elin, their love and their little baby in the belly, there.

It feels like the pictures captured that as well. I wasn’t even there, it’s all about them. Their love was amazing to capture.

Thank you so much Elin and Henrik, it truly was a special one.

“Oh how lovely the pictures are! Thousands of thank you! I’m sitting here with a big smile. Magical! I would also like to thank you for a great experience, I have been walking in like a love bubble since Wednesday. It was so nice to do this and it was so nice that you just photographed us! I don’t understand how you do to catch us so well !! Thank you, thank you <3 We are very happy!”


<< The beautiful location: Strömsholms slott >>
<< Elin is also a photographer: Elin Atterstig >>
<< The flower wreath: Årstid Örebro >>