I’ve met Carolin without knowing it before she booked me as her wedding photographer. Later when we had our Skype meeting I thought, wow she is so familiar, but I didn’t pay so much attention to it. I wanted to focus on them and their wedding and I never miss something like that. I remember faces. At least I thought so 😉 The meeting was so good and they are so sweet.

And then we meet again here in Köping and Carro looked at me and said: “aren’t you a wedding photographer?” and everything falled into place for me. I was so ashamed, I NEVER FORGET A FACE! Haha, but we both laughed at it and it was really a right person at the wrong place situation. That become just right, right, right at the end. Haha.

Carolin and Johan’s wedding was an intimate and relaxed wedding in Västerås and I had so much fun being a part of it. Thank you so much Carro and Johan for a lovely day together with you!

Here are some details from the wedding:

Bridal preparations STEAM HOTEL – Wedding dinner VÄSTERÄNGEN – Church BARKARÖ KYRKA