It is always fun when a couple is telling me that they are getting married. The excitement and how they want to share each little detail with me. And I especially enjoy the stories on how they met, because their faces always shine as they tell me. But it is even more special when a friend is telling me that they are getting married. It’s such a magical moment for them and everything becomes love.

I actually met Angelina because of what I do, many years ago now. And I have seen her go thru some really tuff things, and standing beside her: Christoffer. Always. And I can see on his face how proud he is over her and being able to be hers. They were a couple before I got to know Angelina, but it feels like I have seen them grow stronger together.

And it is so beautiful knowing that a friend is loved, you know. That even if all my friends are strong and independent, they have an amazing partner, who support them and push them to be them.

“It’s not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” 
– Friedrich Nietzsche  

Maybe not the happiest quote to have in my post you might think, but I just thought it would fit Angelina & Stoffe. They have both love and friendship in their marriage. That is beauty.


Bröllop Östra Ämtervik, Värmland
bröllopsfotograf Rebecca Hansson